Faculty Enrichment Speakers 2007-2008



Thursday, May 8 - Professor Dan Markel, Florida State Law. Topic: Implementing Retributive Damages

Thursday, May 15 - Professor Mark B. Seidenfeld, Florida State Law. Topic: Chevron's Foundation

Thursday, May 22 - Professor Brian Galle, Florida State Law. Topic: Are Hidden Taxes More Efficient?: On Salience and Optimal Taxation

Thursday, May 29 - Professor Manuel A. Utset, Jr. , Florida State Law. Topic: Real-Time Corporate Governance

Thursday, June 5 - Professor J.B. Ruhl, Florida State Law. Topic: The Mechanisms of Cumulative Effects

Tuesday, June 10 - Professor Erin O'Hara, Vanderbilt Law School. Topic: Contracts as a Transactional Course

Thursday, June 12 - Professor Elizabeth Burch, Florida State Law. Topic: Aggregate Procedural Justice

Thursday, June 19 - Professor Curtis Bridgeman, Florida State Law. Topic: TBA

Thursday, June 26 - Professor Lesley Wexler, Florida State Law. Topic: Employment Compensation Screening: When Does Paying Too Little Make Sense?



Thursday, January 10 - Professor Kelli Alces , Florida State Law School. Topic: Strategic Governance

Thursday, January 24 - Professor Thomas Stratmann, George Mason University Economics Department. Topic: Political Economy at Any Speed: What Determines Traffic Citations (Falaschetti)

Thursday, January 31 - Professor Ethan Yale, Georgetown Law Center.  Topic: Investment Risk and The Tax Benefit of Deferred Compensation (Galle)

Thursday, February 7 - Professor John Mayo, Georgetown University School of Business. Topic: The Influence of Firms on Government (Falaschetti)

Thursday, February 14 - Professor Jonathan Simon, University of California-Berkeley. Topic: Katz at Forty: A Sociological Jurisprudence Whose Time Has Come (Markel)

Wednesday, February 20 - Professor Jutta Brunnée, University of Toronto (Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law Distinguished Lecturer). Topic: All Together Now? Europe, the United States and the Global Climate Regime (Markell)

Friday, February 29 – Professor Lonny Hoffman, University of Houston. Topic: Burn Up the Chaff with Unquenchable Fire: Constructing a Sustainable Theory of Judicial Regulatory Power Over Pleading Norms (Utset)

Thursday, March 27 - Professor Margaret Blair, Vanderbilt Law School. Topic: The Roles of Standardization, Certification, and Assurance Services in Global Commerce (Utset)

April 4-5 - Critical Tax Conference (organized by Dodge/Galle)

Thursday, April 10 - Professor Rick Geddes, Cornell University Department of Economics. Topic: Human Capital Accumulation and the Expansion of Women’s Property Rights (Falaschetti)


FALL 2007

Thursday, September 6 - Professor Kristen Hickman, University of Minnesota. Topic: A Problem of Remedy: Responding to Treasury's (Lack of) Adherence to Administative Procedure Act Rulemaking Requirements (Rossi)

Thursday, September 13 - Professor Suja Thomas, University of Cincinnati. Topic: Why the Motion to Dismiss is Now Unconstitutional (Wexler)

Friday, September 14 - Professor Heidi Hurd, University of Illinois. Topic: The Morality of Mercy (Bridgeman)

Monday, September 17 - Professor Randy Abate, Florida Coastal. Topic: Automobile Emissions and Climate Change Impacts: Employing Public Nuisance Doctrine as Part of a “Global Warming Solution” in California (Ruhl)

Thursday, September 20 - Professor Paul Robinson, University of Pennsylvania. Topic: What Distributive Principles Should Guide Punishment? (Markel)

Thursday, September 27 - Professor Joseph Sanders, University of Houston Law Center. Topic: A Norms Approach to Jury 'Nullification': Interests, Values and Scripts

Thursday, October 4 - Professor Daniel Rodriguez, University of Texas School of Law. Topic: State Constitutionalism and the Scope of Judicial Review (Rossi)

Monday, October 8 - Professor Royal Gardner, Stetson Law School. Topic: Beyond "No Net Loss": Prospects for Long-Term Success of Wetland Mitigation Sites (Ruhl)

Thursday, October 18 - Professor Gabriel J. Chin, University of Arizona. Topic: Unexplainable on Grounds of Race: Doubts About Yick Wo (Markel)

Monday, October 29 - Professor Mary Jane Angelo, University of Florida. Topic: The Killing Fields: Reducing the Casualties in the Battle Between U.S. Species Protection Law and U.S. Pesticide Law (Ruhl)

Friday, November 2 - Professor Matthew Stephenson, Harvard Law School. Topic: Optimal Political Control of the Bureaucracy (Seidenfeld)

Thursday, November 15 - Professor Erin O’Hara, Vanderbilt Law School. Topic: The Law Market  (Wexler)

Thursday, November 29 - Professor David Schmidtz, University of Arizona (Department of Philosophy). Topic: The History of Liberty