Faculty Enrichment Speakers 2008-2009



Tuesday, May 12 — Shelley Smith, Florida State Law: A New Approach to the Identification and Enforcement of Open Quantity Contracts

Thursday, May 21 — Kelli Alces, Florida State Law: Debunking the Corporate Fiduciary Myth

Tuesday, May 26 — Yingmei Chen, Florida State Finance Department: Does Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Matter? Evidence from Financing and Investment Choices in the High Tech Industry (with James S. Ang and Chaopeng Wu)

Thursday, May 28 — Mark Seidenfeld, Florida State Law: Who Decides Who Decides

Thursday, June 4 — Robin Craig, Florida State Law: The State Public Trust Doctrines and Adaptation to Climate Change

Thursday, June 11 — Dan Markel, Florida State Law: TBA

Thursday, June 18 — Beth Burch, Florida State Law: Litigating Together

Thursday, June 25 — Franita Tolson, Florida State Law: TBA

Tuesday, June 30 — Shawn Bayern, Florida State Law: The Failure of Economics in Tort Law: The Puzzle of Negligence

Wednesday, July 1 — J.B. Ruhl, Florida State Law: TBA


Thursday, January 15 — Katie Porter, University of Iowa College of Law: Saving up for Bankruptcy (Kelli Alces)

Tuesday, January 20 — Michael Dimino, Widener (visiting at Florida State Law): Police Paternalism: Community Caretaking, Assistance Searches, and Fourth Amendment Reasonableness

Friday, January 23 — Richard Myers, University of North Carolina: Requiring a Jury Vote of Censure to Convict (Gregg Polsky)

Monday, January 26 — Hari Osofsky, Washington & Lee: Is Climate Change 'International'? Litigation's Diagonal Regulatory Role (Robin Kundis Craig)

Thursday, January 29 — Amy Farmer, University of Arkansas School of Business: Strategic Bidding Investment and Investment in Final Offer Arbitration (Dino Falaschetti)

Thursday, February 5 — Kimberly Ferzan, Rutgers-Camden: Beyond the Special Part (Curtis Bridgeman)

Monday, February 9 — Shi-Ling Hsu, University of British Columbia: The Case for a Carbon Tax (Robin Kundis Craig)

Thursday, February 12 — David Duff, Toronto: Tax Fairness and the Tax Mix (Joseph Dodge)

Friday, February 20 — Todd Henderson, University of Chicago: Topic TBA (Kelli Alces)

Wednesday, February 25 — Hope Babcock, Georgetown: The Problem with Particularized Injury: the Disjuncture Between Broad-Based Environmental Harm and Standing Jurisprudence (Donna Christie)

Thursday, February 26 — Robert Thompson, Vanderbilt: Corporate Voting (Manuel Utset)

Thursday, March 5 — Tess Wilkinson-Ryan, Pennsylvania: Do Liquidated Damages Encourage Efficient Breach? A Psychological Experiment (Mark Seidenfeld)

Thursday, March 26 — Jayanth Krishnan, William Mitchell: (Un)wanted Outsiders: The Debate over Excluding American and British Law Firms from a Thriving Capital Market (Wayne Logan)

Monday, March 30 — Guy-Uriel E. Charles, Duke: We the (Colored) People (Gregg Polsky)

Thursday, April 9 — Fernando Teson, Florida State Law: The Liberal Constitution and Foreign Affairs

Thursday, April 16 — James Gathii, Albany: War, Commerce and International Law (Gregg Polsky)

Thursday, April 23 — Dino Falaschetti, Florida State University: The State of the Economy

FALL 2008

Thursday, August 28 — Michael Gerhardt, University of North Carolina Law School: The Constitutional Legacy of the Forgotten Presidents (Jim Rossi)

Thursday, September 4 — Sarah Brosnan, Georgia State University (Psychology): Law, Biology, and Property: A New Theory of the Endowment Effect (Jim Rossi)

Monday, September 8 — Michael Zimmer, Loyola-Chicago School of Law: A Pro-Employee Supreme Court? —
The Retaliation Decisions (Lesley Wexler)

Thursday, September 11 — Samuel Jordan, St. Louis University School of Law: Irregular Panels (Elizabeth Burch)

Thursday, September 18 — Michael O'Hear, Marquette: Explain Yourself: Procedural Reasonableness in Federal Sentencing After Rita v. United States (Dan Markel)

Thursday, October 9 — Margaret Lemos, Cardozo: Judicial Versus Agency Interpretations of Title VII (Gregg Polsky)

Thursday, October 16 — Neil Kinkopf, Georgia State University College of Law: Topic TBA (Gregg Polsky)

Wednesday, October 22 — John Nagle, Notre Dame: Humility and Environmental Law (J.B. Ruhl)

Friday, October 31 – Ani Satz, Emory Law School: Equal Protection for Animals (Dan Markel)

Thursday, November 13 — Michael Rappaport, San Diego: The Tradeoff Between Originalism and Precedent: A Consequentialist Analysis (Kelli Alces)

Monday, November 17— Eric Biber, Berkeley: The Sting of the Long Tail: Climate Change, Backlash and the Problem of Delayed Harm (Dave Markell)

Thursday, November 20 — Andrew Hanssen, Montana State: Vertical Integration During the Hollywood Studio Era (Dino Falaschetti)