Faculty Enrichment Speakers 2009-2010


Summer 2010

Tuesday, May 4 — Robin Craig

Thursday, May 6 — Tara Grove

Tuesday, May 11 — Patricia Born, Florida State University College of Business

Thursday, May 13— Shawn Bayern

Thursday, May 20 — Kelli Alces

Tuesday, May 25 — Fernando Teson

Thursday, May 27 — J.B. Ruhl and Dave Markell

Thursday, June 3 — Deana Pollard-Sacks, visitor for 2010-11

Tuesday, June 8 — Mark Seidenfeld

Thursday, June 10 — Franita Tolson

Thursday, June 17 — Jeff Yates, visitor for Summer 2010

Thursday, June 24 — Uma Outka


Spring 2010


Friday, January 15 — Kurt Lash, Loyola Law School (Jim Rossi)

Thursday, January 21 — Andrew Gold, Depaul Law School (Adam Hirsch)

Thursday, January 28 — Katherine Pratt, Loyola Law School (Gregg Polsky)

Thursday, February 4 — Douglas Husak, Rutgers University Philosophy Department (Dan Markel)

Monday, February 8 — Bo Abrams, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (J.B. Ruhl)

Thursday, February 11 — Dru Stevenson, South Texas (Jim Rossi)

Thursday, February 18 — Deborah Denno, Fordham Law School (Dan Markel)

Thursday, March 4 — John Stinneford, University of Florida (Dan Markel)

Wednesday, March 17 — Jordan Paust, University of Houston Law Center (Donna Christie)

Thursday, March 25 — Alexandra Lahav, University of Connecticut (Beth Burch)

Friday, April 9 — Tracey Meares, Yale Law School (Dan Markel)

Monday, April 12 — David Walker, Boston University (Gregg Polsky)

Thursday, April 15 — David Marcus, University of Arizona (Beth Burch)

Fall 2009


Wednesday, August 19 – Dan Markel and Gregg Polsky, Florida State University College of Law: Taxing Punitive Damages

Wednesday, August 26 – Judge Harris L Hartz, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit: Some Thoughts on the Role of Judges as Lawmakers (Wayne Logan)

Thursday, August 27 — Luke Milligan, University of Louisville School of Law: Informing Institutionalism: A New Constraint on Judicial Decision-Making

Thursday, September 3 — Antony Page, University of Indiana-Indianapolis School of Law: Right Now It’s Only a Notion: Making Sense of “Social Enterprise”

Friday, September 11 – Jason Solomon, University of Georgia School of Law: The Legitimacy of Civil Justice (Dan Markel)

Monday, September 21 – Peter Appel, University of Georgia: TBA (Donna Christie)

Tuesday, September 22 – Judge Susan Black: TBA (Wayne Logan)

Thursday, September 24 — Peter Hammer, Wayne State University Law School: Reforming Paradoxes: Modeling Change and Continuity at the World Bank

Thursday, October 1 — Carla Spivack, Oklahoma City School of Law: Why the Testamentary Doctrine of Undue Should Be Abolished (Adam J. Hirsch)

Thursday, October 8 — Brian Bix, University of Minnesota: Contract Enforcement and the Harm Principle (Curtis Bridgeman)

Friday, October 16 — Russell Covey, Georgia State University: Longitudinal Guilt: Repeat Offenders, Plea Bargaining, and the Variable Standard of Proof (Dan Markel)

Thursday, October 22 — Anders Walker, St. Louis University Law School: Blackboard Jungle: Delinquency, Desegregation, and the Cultural Politics of Brown (Dan Markel)

Friday, October 23Stephanos Bibas, University of Pennsylvania Law School: Whose Voices Belong in Criminal Justice? (Dan Markel)

Wednesday, October 28 — Tony Arnold, University of Louisville: TBA (J.B. Ruhl)

Thursday, October 29 — Thom Lambert, University of Missouri Law School

Monday, November 2 — Andrew E. Taslitz, Howard University School of Law

Thursday, November 5 — Nicole Huberfeld, University of Kentucky Law School: Federal Spending and Compulsory Maternity

Monday, November 9 — Josh Eagle, University of South Carolina School of Law: Improving the Efficiency of Conservation Easement Subsidies (Donna Christie)

Friday, November 13 – Huyen Pham, Texas Wesleyan University School of Law: The Economic Impact of Subfederal Immigration Regulation: An Empirical Analysis