In Memory of Patsy Ford

The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.

William James

Patsy Ford (1955 - 1999) was the only Office Manager the Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law had ever known until this point. Her dedication, sweat, and tears are the foundation of this Journal and her kindness and patience was a constant for every Editorial Board from 1988 onward. Aside from her commitment to this publication, she also was responsible for the day-to-day and year-to-year operations of the Journal of Transnational Law and Policy at the Florida State University College of Law. She passed away in November due to complications from cancer. This section is meant as a tribute to her from those whose lives she has touched through her work on this Journal. You are sorely missed and deeply loved. God bless you, Patsy.



Patsy Ford will always be remembered by me as a dedicated, patient and caring individual. Perhaps more than anyone, Patsy contributed to the success of the Journal. Through her dedication, the Journal became one of the premier environmental publications in the nation. Through her devotion, countless editors were trained over the years. She provided a level of continuity without which the Journal may not have survived. Her contributions are too numerous to list and too significant to quantify. Despite Patsy's tremendous contributions to the Journal, however, I most fondly remember her as a friend. As a friend to me, and a friend to the entire Journal family, she will be missed.

Ronald A. Christaldi

Editor-in-Chief, Volume 11


If I were bidding Patsy Ford farewell today and giving her my thanks for her service to the Journal, I would most remember her patience. Patsy's calm and amiable demeanor set a positive tone during stressful times when deadlines were nigh. Her ability to deal with the numerous personality types of Journal members and help us work together as a team was commendable. In her service to the Journal, Patsy has been the Journal's collective memory from year to year-from its infancy to the present. The Journal will certainly miss her expertise and input, but as past Journal members, we will miss our relationships with her.

Elizabeth Williamson

Editor-in-Chief, Volume 12

Attempting to list Patsy Fordís contributions to the Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law would be impossible for there are far too many. In my opinion, the greatest contribution Patsy gave to the Journal was her tireless dedication to our success. Even more amazing is that she not only served this journal, she also provided the Journal of Transnational Law and Policy with the same level of dedication. As the last editor-in-chief to serve alongside Patsy, I watched in awe on a daily basis as Patsy continued to devote her time and efforts to both journals despite her failing health. With no outward indications as to the problems facing her, Patsy insured that not only was day-to-day business tended to but that the Journal was as prepared to continue its success in her absence. Patsy, your relentless pursuit of perfection in all that the journals have done in he past and all that they will undertake in the future is greatly appreciated. It is with a great sadness in our hearts that the Journal family bids you farewell.

Jeffrey A. Ferguson

Editor-in-Chief, Volume 14