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Journal Of Land Use Current Issue

Volume 20     Spring 2005    Number 2


*Can Fish Own Water?: Envisioning Nonhuman Propety in Ecosystems

Lee P. Breckenridge
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*Protecting International Marine Biodiversity: International Treaties and National Systems of Marine Protected Areas

Robin Kundis Craig
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*Fairness and Farmland Preservation: A Response to Professor Richardson

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Mark W. Cordes

*Post Industrial Revolution Human Activity and Climate Change: Why the United States Must Implement Mandatory Limits on Industrial Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Leah H. Martinez

*Restraining Yellowstone's Roaming Bison

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Zachary L. Lancaster

*PIEC: 11th Annual Conference - "Hurricanes, Humans, and Habitat: Reclaiming, Rethinking, Rebuilding Our Environment"

*"Whiskey is for Drinking...": Recent Water Law Developments in Florida

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Drew Melville

*Environmental Quality and Health Got Merc? Regulation, Mitigating, and Litigating Mercury levels for the Fish We Eat

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Todd Stedeford, Ching-Hung Hsu, Amanda S. Persad, Barbara L. Serokee, Marek Banasik

*Book Review

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Melanie Showmaker

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