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VOLUME 32 Summer 2005 NUMBER 4



Empirical Measures of Judicial Performance

  • Empirical Measures of Judicial Performance: An Introduction
  • Foreseeing Greatness? Measurable Performance Criteria and the Selection of Supreme Court Justices
  • Judging the Tournament
  • Which Judges Write Their Opinions (And Should We Care)?...
  • Empirical Measures of Judicial Performance: Thoughts on Choi and Gulati's Tounament of Judges
  • The Role of Qualifications in the Confirmation of Nominees to the U.S. Supreme Courts
  • Supreme Court Selection and Measures of Past Judicial Performance
  • Judicial Selection by the Numbers
  • Federal Judges and the Heisman Trophy
  • Who Judges the Judges?
  • Judicial Behavior and Performance: An Economic Approach
  • Pulling From the Ranks?: Remarks on the Proposed Use of an Objective Judicial Ranking System to Guide the Supreme Court Appointment Process
  • Do Judges Behave as Homo Economicus, and if so, Can We Measure their Performance? An Antipodean Perspective on a Tournament of Judges
  • Judical Stratification and the Reputations of the United States Courts of Appeals
  • A Tournament of Virtue
  • Information and the Selection of Judges: A Comment on "A Tournament of Judges"
  • Keeping Score: The Utility of Empirical Measurements in Judicial Selection

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