2005 Mason Ladd Lecture

  • Innovation, Information, and the Poverty of Nations


  • The Deep Freeze: A Critical Examination of the Resolution of Frozen Embryo Disputes Through the Adversarial Process
  • Correcting the Empirical Foundations of IPO-Pricing Regulation
  • "The Economics of Inclusionary Zoning Reclaimed": How Effective are Price Controls?
    • Benjamin Powell & Edward Stringham


  • Spousal Support Disorder: An Overview of Problems in Current Alimony Law

Recent Developments

  • Introductory Remarks

  • Federal Case Law
    Constitutional Law—A Protected Party Has No Legitimate Claim of Entitlement to Enforcement of a Restraining Order Which Would be Protected Under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment—Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 125 S. Ct. 2796 (2005)

  • Constitutional Law
    Constitutional Law—A City's Exercise of Eminent Domain Power in Furtherance of an Economic Development Plan Satisfies Constitutional "Public Use" Requirement—Kelo v. City of New London, 125 S. Ct. 2655 (2005)

  • Florida Case Law
    Torts—Sovereign Immunity—The Negligence of an Active Tortfeasor Should be Apportioned to the Vicariously Liable Party Under Florida's Comparative Fault Statute and Florida's Statutory Restriction on the Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Is Not Applicable to the Indemnification Provision of a Contract Between a Municipal Agency and a Private Entity—American Home Assurance Co. v. National Railroad Passenger Corp., 908 So. 2d 459 (Fla. 2005)

  • Pre-Trial Procedure
    Appeal and Error—Plaintiff Has an Absolute Right to Amend a Complaint Once as a Matter of Course Before a Responsive Pleading is Served and a Trial Court Has No Discretion to Deny Such an Amendment; a Defendant May Assert an Affirmative Defense, Including the Defense of Federal Preemption, in a Motion to Dismiss; and an Appellate Court may, in Appropriate Circumstances, Impose Sanctions on an Appellee or Its Lawyer for Frivolous Defense of a Patently Erroneous Trial Court Order—Boca Burger, Inc. v. Forum, 912 So. 2d 561 (Fla. 2005)

  • Constitutional Law
    Taxation—Florida Statute Prohibiting Assessment of Value for the Tax Year on Real Property Improvements Not Substantially Completed on January 1 Comports with the Florida Constitutions's Just Valuation Requirement—Sunset Harbour Condominium Ass'n v. Robbins, 914 So. 2d 924 (Fla. 2005)