VOLUME 33 Spring 2006 NUMBER 3


Default Rules in Private and Public Law

An Exchange on Penalty Default Rules
  • On the Rational for Penalty Default Rules
  • There Are No Penalty Default Rules in Contract Law
  • Ya-Huh: There Are and Should Be Penalty Defaults

Default Rules In Economic Relationships

Contract Law

  • Quantifying Foreseeability
  • On the Stickiness of Default Rules
  • Default Rules, Penalty Default Rules, and New Formalism
    • Curtis Bridgeman

Corporate and Partnership Law

  • What Default Rules Teach Us About Corporations; What Understanding Corporations Teaches Us About Default Rules
  • Incomplete Contracts in a Complete Contract World
  • Vertical Integration, Relational Contracts, and Specialized Investment: A Response to Baker and Krawiec

Extending Default Rules Beyond Purely Economic Relationships

  • Penalty Defaults in Family Law: The Case of Child Custody
  • Toward a Political Theory of Constitutional Default Rules
  • Information-Forcing Environomental Regulation
  • Defaulty Rule Opt-Outs and Interest Group Shut-Outs: Citizen Participation and Contractarian Innovation in Environmental Law
  • Another View of the Quagmire: Unconstitutional Conditions and Contract Theory
  • Contracting Away Rights: A Comment on Daniel Farber's "Another View of the Quagmire"