FSU Law Review Forthcoming Articles

Issue 36:2


Case Interpretation
Shawn J. Bayern

Merging Public and Private Governance: How Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District “Re-Imagined” the Traditional Division of Local Regulatory Powers
Chad D. Emerson


On Becoming “Professor”: A Semi-Serious Look in the Mirror
Ezra Rosser

The Signaling Value of Law Reviews: An Exploration of Citations and Prestige
Alfred L. Brophy


Financial Pollution: Systemic Risk and Market Stability
Matthew Beville

Saving Tomorrow from Today: Preserving Innovation in the Face of Compulsory Licensing
Samuel Mark Borowski

Terrorizing the Technological Neighborhood Watch: The Alienation and
Deterrence of the “White Hats” Under the CFAA

Trevor A. Thompson

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