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Jim Alfini says it seems unseemly
Good mediators just don't do it
Mediation's for hashing, not trashing or bashing
If you give them the answer, you blew it.a
But see Bob Moberly, who writes quite soberly
about the Florida scene.b
His viewpoint is reasonable (for an academic, is that treasonable?):
Evaluation, sometimes, is clean.
And see John Bickerman, who says it quicker than
Anyone else who's written
Give the parties a choice, he urges
With the market, it appears, he's smitten.c
Marjorie Aaron, crisp as a clarion,
Tells when and how to do it
If you do it last, with strategic tact
it will likely be a helpful act.d
Evaluative mediation is practicing law
writes Carrie Menkel-Meadowe
And though the idea may harbor a flawf
she seems quite unwilling to let go.g
For ethical problems so serious
they've started a national commissionh
These dilemmas just make me delirious
For some clarification I'm wishin'.
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