Transformation, there's a goal
that everyone should seek[1]
But some poor souls, so I've been told,
often feel too meek

Bush and Folger say Empower!
I think that would be keen
But what of those, so awfully dour,
who might get downright mean?

Try recognition! they implore
'Tis better to give than receive it
But many whom we can't ignore,
simply can't perceive it.

So where to go from here? I think
the answer, it is hid
I hope somehow we'll find it
looking at a grid.[2]

But Lela and Kim take a view that's dim
and make a simple point:
Evaluation has to go,
or the grid they won't anoint.[3]

Kovach and Love say, Stars above,
I'm using an oxymoron!
Evaluative mediation?
It's nothing to bet the store on.[4]

And then there's Josh, who says By gosh
we must reject the grid.
It's founded on faulty assumptions!
At least put on a lid.[5]

The grid describes what is,[6] I think
while they describe what should be[7]
And here is the connecting link:
the dream of all that could be.