Volume 13 Spring 2004 Number 2


* The Conflict Between Facilitating International Trade and Protecting U.S. Agriculture From Invasive Species: APHIS, The U.S. Plant Protection Laws, and the Argentine Citrus Dispute
Terence P. Stewart and Caryn B. Schenewerk
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* "Strangers in a Strange Land" —
Transnational Litigation, Foreign Judgment Recognition, and Enforcement in Ontario
Antonin I. Pribetic
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* Establishing the Truth on Facts:
Has the Chinese Civil Process Achieved This Goal?
Zhong Jianhua and Yu Guanghua
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* The Dam Controversy: Does the Endangered Species Act Apply Internationally to Protect Foreign Species Harmed by Dams on the Colorado River?
Bridget Kellogg
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*When Her Feet Touch the Ground: Conflict Between the Roma Familistic Custom of Arranged Juvenile Marriage and Enforcement of Inter- national Human Rights Treaties
Jeff Timmerman
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*Year in Review: The International Environmental Community Celebrates a Series of Successes but Laments the One that Got Away
Ronald C. Smith, Tikkun A.S. Gottschalk, Jeff Timmerman & Jennifer Ringsmuth
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*State Regulation of Cruise Ship Pollution: Alaska=s Commercial Passenger Vessel Compliance Program as a Model for Florida
Stephen Thomas, Jr.
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*The Realpolitik of Empire
Tikkun A. S. Gottschalk
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* Greeting NAFTA: The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Robert C. Hale
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* Environmental Negotiator Handbook
David W. Childs
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