Volume 16     Spring 2007     Number 2


* Richard Lillich Memorial Lecture: Nurturing a Transnational System of Innovation
Jerome H. Reichman

* The French Headscarf Law Before the European Court of Human Rights
Kathryn Boustead
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* Human Rights for Transnational Corporations
Lucien J. Dhooge
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* China's Two-Dimensional Skies: The "Chineseness" of Aviation Law in China and How It Helps Us Understand Chinese Law
Alex Burkett
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* Public Purpose, Private Losses: Regulatory Expropriation and Environmental Regulation in International Investment Law
Justin R. Marlles

* Peru's Too Expensive - I'll Get My Cheese From Chile: The Agricultural Market Access Provisions of the U.S.-Chile FTA and the U.S.-Peru TPA
Guillermo Gabriel Zorogastua
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* The Stepchildren of the EU: Bulgaria and Romania
Ruth Jackson Lee
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* Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula: Recent Agreements and Lessons From the Past
Jared M. Lee
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