Volume 18      Spring 2009       Number 2

SYMPOSIUM:Arctic Law in an Era of Climate Change


The Continental Shelf Beyond 200 nm: Law and Politics in the Arctic Ocean

Ted McDorman

The Legal Regime for the Arctic Ocean

Christopher C. Joyner

Canada, the EU, and Arctic Ocean Governance: A Tangled and Shifting Seascape and Future Directions

T. Koivurova

E.J. Molenaar

D.L. VanderZwaag

Arctic Marine Shipping: Overview of the International Legal Framework, Gaps, and Options

E.J. Molenaar

The Legal Regime of Navigation in the Russian Arctic

Prof. Dr. Erik Franckx
Kathryn Isted
Jennifer Kilinski


This issue is dedicated to Professor Gabriel Wilner (1938-2010) who inspired the creation of the Journal of Transnational Law & Policy and who served as a mentor for generations of international law students.