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Murat C. Mungan, an assistant professor, holds a Ph.D. in economics from Boston College and a J.D. from George Mason University. He teaches students basic accounting, finance theory, and economic analysis.


“I use modern economics to shed light on the incentive, behavioral, and welfare aspects of legal rules. My work generally applies microeconomic theory, including game theory, to study optimal law enforcement strategies, antitrust, innovation and intellectual property, and criminal law and procedure. My latest work focuses on an issue in the intersection of antitrust and patent laws, namely the dynamic and static effects of illegalizing reverse payment settlements.”

Recent publications:

The Scope of Criminal Law, in Research Handbook on the Economics of Criminal Law (A. Harel & K. Hylton, editors) (Edward Elgar 2012)

Less Protection, More Innovation?, 21 Sup. Ct. Econ. Rev. _ (forthcoming 2013)

Optimal Warning Strategies: Punishment Ought Not to Be Inflicted Where the Penal Provision Is Not Properly Conveyed, 9 Rev. L. & Econ. _ (forthcoming 2013)

Reverse Payments, Perverse Incentives, 27 Harv. J.L. & Tech. 1 (2013)

Don’t Say You’re Sorry Unless You Mean It: Pricing Apologies to Achieve Credibility, 32 Int’l Rev. L. & Econ. 178 (2012)

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