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Tahirih V. Lee, an associate professor who is fluent in Mandarin, has developed innovative courses that allow students to participate in simulated international trad negotiations. Students get their business plans critiqued "real time" by businesspeople in China.


"My scholarship on China deepens my understanding of law in the United States, as well as helps me appreciate the importance of China's rise in the world. It is not a place developed primarily by outside investment, but is helping to develop the rest of the world with its exports and investments. Florida State's China Trade Simulation course is an example of this. It uses an online platform created largely in Shanghai, and in part at FSU, to connect Florida State students with future trad officials in China and help them through the paces of realistic trade negotiations. This gives my students unique insights into international law that they could not get from a book or lecture."


Recent publications:

A Maze of Jurisdictional Walls, in Chinese Walls in Times and Space: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (Roger Des Forges, editor) (Cornell University Press 2010)

Orienting Shanghai’s Lawyers, 27 Md. J. Int’l L. 179 (2012)

Media Products as Law: The Mass Media as Enforcers and Sources of Law in China, 39 Denv. J. Int’l L. & Pol’y 3 (2011)

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