Human Rights Documents - by Name

Index of Organizations by Organization Name
Organization Number Region
Aboriginal Land Rights Support Group (ALRSG) 0250 Asia
Aboriginal Law Centre 1758 Asia
Action des Chretiens pour l'Abolition de la Torture (ACAT) / Christian Action for the Abolition of Torture 0590 General
Africa Perspective 1180 Africa
Africa News Service 1322 Africa
Africa Watch 3169 Africa
Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion / Latin American Information Agency 1770 Latin America
AGHS Legal Aid Cell 3465 Asia
Al-Haq / Law in the Service of man (LSM) 0965 Middle East
Aliran Kesedaran Negara 1184 Asia
All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) 0543 Africa
American Coordinating Committee for Equality in Sports and Society (ACCESS) 1169 Africa
American Committee on Africa and The Africa Fund 1171/ 1172 Africa
American Bar Association (ABA), Subcommittee on Human Rights Education 1173 General
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) 1192 General
American Association for the advancement of Science (AAAS), Science and Human Rights Program, Office of Scientific Freedom and Responsibility 1193 General
American Coptic Association 1327 Middle East
American Bar Association (ABA), Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities 1174 North America
Americans for Justice in the Middle East (AJME) 0946 Middle East
Americas Watch Committee 1309 Latin America
Anthropology Resource Center (ARC) 1181 General
Anti-Slavery Society for the Protection of Human Rights 1022 General
Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) 1905 Middle East
Article 19 2210 General
Asamblea Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Bolivia (APDHB) 0550 Latin America
Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos (APDH) / Permanent Assembly for Human Rights 0107 Latin America
Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC) 0500 Asia
Asia Forum on Human Rights 0188 Asia
Asia Partnership for Human Development 1183 Asia
Asia Watch 2261 Asia
Asia-Pacific Affairs Associates 1394 Asia
Asian Bureau Australia (ABA) 0788 Asia
Asian Cultural Forum on Development (ACFOD) 0534 Asia
Asian Students Association (ASA) 0793 Asia
Asociacion Centroamericana de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos (ACAFADE) / Central American Association of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared 2433 Latin America
Asociacion Latinoamerican para los Derechos Humanos (ALDHU) / Latin American Human Rights Association 0851 Latin America
Asociacion Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo / Association of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo 1685 Latin America
Association de Soutien aux Comites de Lutte contre la Repression au Maroc / Committees of Struggle against Repression in Morocco 0392 Africa
Association zairoise de defense des droits de l'homme (AZADHO) / Zairian Association for the Defense of Human Rights 5252 Africa
Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA) 1182 Africa
Association Marocaine des Droits de l'Homme / Moroccan Association for Human Rights 0832 Africa
Association Internationale des Juristes Democrates (AIJD) / International Association of Democratic Jurists (IADL) 0138 General
Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA) 0837 Asia
Australian Council for Overseas Aid (ACFOA) 0837 General
B=TSTELEM - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories 2338 Middle East
Baha=i International Community 1276 General
Balai Fellowship 0790 Asia
Baltic Appeal to the United Nations (BATUN) 1372 Europe
Banco Paraguayo de Datos / Parraguayan Data Bank 1190 Latin America
Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights 0503 Asia
Black Sash 0546 Africa
Bombay Urban Industrial League for Development (BUILD) 0787 Asia
Border Rural Committee 2037 Africa
Brazil Labour Report 2454 Latin America
Buraku Liberation Research Institute 1198 Asia
Bureau International Afghanistan (BIA) / International Afghan Bureau 1197 Asia
Burma Rights Movement for Action (BURMA) 4574 Asia
Cahiers du Samizdat 0006 Europe
Campaign for Political Rights 1199 North America
Canada-Asia Working Group (CAWG) 1187 Asia
Canadian Human Rights Foundation 1200 North America
Canadian Rights and Liberties Federation 1315 North America
Canadian Friends Service Committee 5411 North America
Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC) 0172 Latin America
Caribbean and Latin America Solidarity Project (CLASP) 1201 Latin America
Caribbean Rights / Caribbean Human Rights Network 2689 Latin America
Catacombes, Messager Supraconfessionnel de l'Eglise du Silence / Catacombes, Supraconfessional Messenger or the church of Silence 0019 General
Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe 0955 Africa
Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) 0356 General
Center for International Policy (CIP) 1202 General
Center for Democratic Renewal (CDR) 6107 North America
Centre International des Droits de la Personne et du Developpement Democratique / International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development 4208 General
Centre de Documentation Paysanne du Paraguay / Popular Documentation Center on Paraguay 0493 Latin America
Centro de Informacion Documentacion y Estudios Sociales (CIDES-CENTROAMERICA) / Center for Information, Documentation and Social Studies 0572 Latin America
Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS) / Center for Legal and Social Studies 0382 Latin America
Centro de Documentacion de Honduras / Honduras Documentation Center 2396 Latin America
Centro Nicaraguense de Derechos Humanos 4860 Latin America
Centro de Investigacion y Educacion Popular (CINEP) / Center for Research and Popular Education 1206 Latin America
Centro Ecumenico de Documentacao e Informacao (CEDI) / Ecumenical Center for Documentation and Information 1750 Latin America
Centro de Estudios e Acao Social (CEAS) / Study and Social Action Center 0238 Latin America
Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos, Assessoria e Educacao Popular (CDDH-AEP) / Center for the Defense of Human Rights, Legal Consultation and Popular Education 0971 Latin America
Centro de Documentacion e Informacion-Bolivia (CEDOIN-Bolivia) / Documentation and Information Center-Bolivia 1761 Latin America
Centro de Informacion, Documentacion y Analisis sobre el Movimiento Obrero LatinoAmericano (CIDAMO) / Center for Information, Documentation and Analysis of the Latin American Workers' Movement 0224 Latin America
Centro Nacional de Comunicacion Social (CENCOS) / National Center for Social Communication 0631 Latin America
Centrum Europese Veiligheid en Samenwerking / Centre for European Security and Cooperation in Europe 0367 General
Change 0533 General
Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN) 3238 Asia
Chile Committee for Human Rights (UK) 0275 Latin America
Chile Committee for Human Rights (USA) 1189 Latin America


0058 Latin America
China Liaison Office of the Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church 1207 Asia
Citizens' Committee in Solidarity with Displaced Indo-Chinese People in Japan 1305 Asia
Civil Rights League 0547 Africa
Civil Liberties Organization 2901 Africa
Civil Rights Movement of Sri Lanka (CRM) 0893 Asia
Civil Liberties and Police (CILIP) 0054 General
Coalition for a New Foreign Policy 1230 North America
Colombia Report 1236 Latin America
Comision Evangelica Latinoamericana de Educacion Crisiana (CELADEC) / Latin American Evangelical Commission for Chrisian Education 0581 Latin America
Comision Permanente de Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua (CPDH) / Permanent Commission for Human Rights in Nicaragua 0483 Latin America
Comision Ecumenica de Derechos Humanos (CEDHU) / Ecumenical Commission for Human Rights 0216 Latin America
Comision por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CDDH) 0557 Latin America
Comision Andina de Juristas (CAJ) / Andean Commission of Jurists 0025 Latin America
Comision Chilena de Derechos Humanos / Chilean Human Rights Commission 0278 Latin America
Comite Suisse de soutien au People Saharaoui 4540 Africa
Comite Suisse Contre la Torture (CSCT) / Schweizerisches Komitee Gegen die Folter / Swiss Committee Against Torture (SCAT) 0299 General
Comite Pro-Justicia y paz de Guatemala 4129 Latin America
Comite Latinoamericano para la Defensa de Los Derechos de la Mujer / Latin American Committee for the Defense of Women's Rights (CLADEM) 4873 Latin America
Comite Panameno Pro los Derechos Humanos / Panamanian Committee for Human Rights 0726 Latin America
Comite de Apoyo al Pueblo Boliviano (CONADE) / Committee for the Support of the Bolivian People 0742 Latin America
Commision nationale des droits de'homme 2630 Africa
Commission for Justice and Peace 3299 Asia
Committee on South African War Resistance (COSAWR) 0674 Africa
Committee for Peace and Reconstruction in Sudan 4867 Africa
Committee Against Repression in the Pacific and Asia (CARPA) 0841 Asia
Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) 3582 Europe
Committee for Human Rights and Democracy in Turkey (CHRDT) 1186 Europe
Committee for Defence of Democratic Rights in Turkey (CDDRT) / Trkiye Demokratik Haklari Savunma Komitesi 3681 Europe
Committee in Support of Solidarity 1314 Europe
Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) 1323 General
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) 1228 Latin America
Committee for the Defense of Freedoms and Political Prisoners in Syria / Association Suisse pour la Defense des Libertes et des Prisonniers Politiques en Syrie (ASDLPPS) 1418 Middle East
Connexions 3585 North America
Consejo Regional Indigena del Cauca (CRIC) / Indigenous Regional Council of Cauca 1264 Latin America
Constitutional Rights Project (CRP) 4237 Africa
Convergencia Democratica en Uruguay 0317 Latin America
Coordinadora Popular de Derechos Humanos en Panama / People's Coordinating Committee for Human Rights in Panama 2310 Latin America
Coordinating Group for Religion in Society (CGRS) 0535 Asia
Coordinating Secretariat for Plantation Areas 1306 Asia
Corporacion Integral para el Desarrollo Cultural y Social (CODECAL) / Corporation for Social and Cultural Development 1287 Latin America
Council for Democracy in Korea 1232 Asia
Council on religion and International Affairs (CRIA) 1233 General
Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) 1224 Latin America
Cultural Survival 1298 General
Danish Center of Human Rights 3098 General
Das Land und die Welt 1987 Europe
DataBase Project on Palestinian Human Rights 3583 Middle East
Defence for Children International (DCI) 0302 General
Democracy International Committee to Aid Democratic Dissidents in Yugoslavia (CADDY) 1303 Europe
Denuncia 1275 Latin America
Documentation for Action Groups in Asia (DAGA) 0899 Asia
Documentation Refugies (Centre inerassociatif francophone d'information et de documentation sur le droit d'asile et les refugies) 2975 General
Documentation Exchange (Formerly Central American Resource Center) 2619 Latin America
East Timor Human Rights Committee (ETHRC) 1248 Asia
East European Cultural Foundation 1957 Europe
Ecumenical Documentation and Information Center for Eastern and Southern Africa (EDICESA) 2580 Africa
Ecumenical Movement for Justice and Peace (EMJP) 0862 Asia
Ecumenical Committee on the Andes 1218 Latin America
EGLISI: Service de Presse de l'Eglise du Silence / EGLISI: Press Service of the Church of Silence 0490 General
Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) 4181 Middle East
El Salvador and Guatemala Committees for Human Rights (ESCHR/GCHR) 0391/ 1331 Latin America
El Rescate Human Rights Department 3223 Latin America
ELTA Information Service, Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania 1208 Europe
Entr'Aide et Action / Help and Action 0029 Europe
Episcopal Churchpeople for South Africa (ECSA) 1211 Africa
Episcopal Commission on Tribal Filipinos (ECTF) 0525 Asia
Estonian American National Council 1446 Europe
European Nuclear Disarmament (END) 1324 General
External Representation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group 1242 Europe
Federacion Latinoamericana de Asociaciones de Familiares de Detenidos-Desaparecidos (FEDEFAM) / Latin American Federation of Associations of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared 2506 Latin America
Federation of United Kingdom and Eire Malaysian and Singaporean Student Organizations (FUEMSSO) 1125 Asia
Federation Internationale des Droits de l'Homme (FIDH) / International Federation of Human Rights 0035 General
Forum for Protection of Human Rights (FOPHUR) 3237 Asia
Foundation for Legal Aid in Chile / Stichting Rechtshulp chili / Fundacion de Ayuda Legal en Chile 0298 Latin America
Freedom House 1234 General
Friends of the Filipino People (FFP) 1260 Asia
Friends World Committee for Consultation - Geneva 0433 General
Friends for Jamaica 1229 Latin America
Friends of Haiti 1237 Latin America
Fund for Free Expression 2176 General
Gesellschaft fur bedrohte Volker / Society for Endangered Peoples 0049 General
Ghana Committee on Human and Peoples' Rights 5133 Africa
Guatemala News Information Bureau 1214 Latin America
Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) 0208 Latin America
Haitian Information Bureau (HIB) 5172 Latin America
Hjalpcentralen for Politiska Fangar I Estland / Relief Centre for Political Prisoners in Estonia 0398 Europe
Human Awareness Programming (HAP) 2603 Africa
Human Rights Commission (HRC) 2952 Africa
Human Rights Society of Pakistan 0954 Asia
Human Rights Watch (formerly the Watch Committee) 2156 General
Human Rights Network 0743 General
Human Rights Quarterly 1416 General
Human Rights Internet (HRI) 0001 General
Humanitas International 1256 General
IBON 0754 Asia
Immigration and Refugee Board. Documentation, Information, and Research Branch. Resource Centre / Comission de l'Immigration et due Statut de Refugie. Direction Generale de la Documentation, de l'Immigration et des Recherches. Centre de Ressources. (IRB-DIRB) / (CISR-DGDIR) 4371 General
Index on Censorship / Writers and Scholars Educational Trust (WSET) 1034 General
India Alert 3240 Asia
Indian Social Institute (ISI) 0510 Asia
Indian Law Resource Center 1215 General
Indochina Project (formerly, Center for International Policy, Indochina Project) 1203 Asia
Indochina Journal 1191 Asia
Indonesian Documentation and Information Centre (INDOC) 2457 Asia
Info-Turk 0397 Europe
INFORM - Information Monitor 4319 Asia
Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) 4224 Asia
Information Center for Polish Affairs 0732 Europe
Institut for World Order 1216 General
Institut International des Droits de l'Homme / International Institute of Human Rights 0339 General
Institute for Central American Studies / Instituto de Estudios Centroamericanos (IECA/ICAS) 2247 Latin America
Institute for Palestine Studies 1257 Middle East
Instituto Latinoamericano de Servicios Legales Alternativos (ILSA) / Latin American Institute for Alternative Legal Services 2560 Latin America
Instituto de Estudios Legales y sociales del Uruguay (IELSUR) / Institute for Legal and Social Studies in Uruguay 2573 Latin America
Instituto de Defensa Legal (IDL) 2521 Latin America
Inter-American Institute of Human Rights / Instituto Interamericano de derechos Humanos 0578 Latin America
Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America 1714 Latin America
Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) 1021 General
Interights, The International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights 1763 General
International Committee Against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa (ICSA) 0094 Africa
International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (IDAF) 0247 Africa
International Movement of Catholic Students - Pax Romana (IMCS), Documentation and Information Center 1014 Africa
International Defense and Aid for Southern Africa-Canada (IDAFSA Canada) 3065 Africa
International Committee for Human Rights in Taiwan (ICHRT) 1258 Asia
International League for Human Rights (ILHR) 1212 General
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA) 1031 General
International Centre for Trade Union Rights 4249 General
International Movement Against all Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) 2957 General
International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) 0070 General
International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights 1918 General
International Report 1236 General
International Commission of Jurists 0088 General
International Human Rights Law (IHRLG) 1246 General
International Organisation for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (EAFORD) 0948 General
International Alert (IA) 1920 General
International Women's Rights Action Watch 4164 General
International Documentation and Communications Centre (IDOC) 0664 General
International Indian Treaty Council 1259 General
Internationale Gesellschaft fur Menschenrechte (IGFM) / International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) 0050 General
Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement (IAAM) 0056 Africa
Irish Council for Civil Liberties 0055 Europe
Isis International 1043 General
Isis: Women's International Cross-Cultural Exchange (ISIS-WICCE) 2052 General
Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (ICIPP) 1330 Middle East
Jamaica Council for Human Rights 0560 Latin America
Japan Civil Liberties Union 0750 Asia
Japan Emergency Christian Conference on Korean Problems 0888 Asia
Justice 0381 Europe
KAPATID / Association for the Release and Amnesty of Detainees in the Philippines 0861 Asia
Keston College 0328 Europe
Khronika Press 1221 Europe
Komitee fur Grundrechte und Demokratie / Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy 0960 Europe
Latin American Working Group / Grupo de Trabajo de America Latina (LAWG) 1476 Latin America
Law Association for Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA) 0198 Asia
Lawyers Collective 3362 Asia
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights 1582 General
Lawyers= Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Southern Africa Project 1247 Africa
League for Industrial Democracy 1308 Europe
League for Human Rights and Freedom 0321 General
Lega Internazionale per i Diritti e la Liberazione dei Popoli / International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples (International Lelio Basso Foundation 0060 General
Liberia Working Group 3570 Africa
Liga voor Mensenrechten / League for the Protection of Human Rights 1290 Europe
Ligue Tunisienne pour la Defense des Droits de l'Homme (LTDH) / Tunisian League for Human Rights 0829 Africa
Ligue des Droit de l'Homme / League for Human Rights 0123 General
Ligue des Droits de l'Homme (Bruxelles) / League for Human Rights (Brussels) 0628 General
Lithuanian American Community of the USA 1244 Europe
Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid and Lithuanian Information Center 1271 Europe
Lokayan 2601 Asia
Madres de Plaza de Mayo / Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo 0207 Latin America
Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Studies Group of Southeast Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies 1243 Asia
Manushi 2569 Asia
Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) 1227 Middle East
Middle East Watch 4502 Middle East
Mindanao Interfaith People's Conference (MIPC) 0870 Asia
Minnesota Lawyers International Human Rights Committee 3601 General
Minority Rights Group 0209 General
Mouvement Burkinabe des droit de l'homme et des peuples / Burkina Movement of Human and Peoples' Rights 3436 Africa
Movement for Attorneys for Brotherhood, Integrity and Nationalism (MABINI) 1274 Asia
Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra / Movement of Rural Landless Workers 3563 Latin America
Nairobi Law Monthly 6759 Africa
National Land Committee (NLC) 2894 Africa
National Conference on Soviet Jewry 1326 Europe
National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) 0169 Europe
National Council of Churches 1297 General
National Coalition for Haitian Refugees 1921 Latin America
National Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Forum 1307 North America
National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild 1291 North America
Nederlands Juristen Comite voor de Mensenrechten / International Commission of Jurists, Dutch Section 0069 General
New York Circus 1213 Latin America
Nonviolent Direct Action Group (NVDAG) 1301 Asia
North American Coalition for Human Rights in Korea (NACHRK) 1250 Asia
North American Study Center for Polish Affairs 1270 Europe
North Atlantic Assembly (NAA) 0195 General
North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) 1210 Latin America
North-South Institute / Institut Nord-Sud 4943 North America
Noticias Aliadas / Latinamerica Press 0564 Latin America
Pakistan Committee for Democracy and Justice 1252 Asia
Palach Press 0336 Europe
Palestine Human Rights Information Centre (PHRIC B formerly the Database Project on Palestinian Human Rights) 3562 Middle East
Paraguay Watch 1219 Latin America
People=s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) 0903 Asia
Peoples Translation Service (PTS) 1217 General
Permanent Peoples' Tribunal of the International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples 0061 General
Persatuan Pengguna-Pengguna Negeri / Consumer's Association of Penang (CAP) 1263 Asia
Philippine Task Force Japan (PTFJ) 0897 Asia
Philippines Research Center 1279 Asia
Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) 2259 General
Poland Watch Center 1310 Europe
Programa Venezolano de Educacion-Accion en Derechos Humanos / Venezuelan Program on Human Rights Education and Action (PROVEA) 3473 Latin America
Protestant Lawyers League of the Philippines 2967 Asia
Punjab Human Rights Organisation 4271 Asia
Refugee Policy Group (RPG) 3584 General
Refugee Studies Programme (RSP), Queen Elizabeth House (QEH) 3181 General
Reporters Sans Frontieres / Reporters Without Borders 4238 General
Research and Information Center and Eritrea (RICE) 0401 Africa
Research Center for Religion and Human Rights in Closed Societies 1241 General
Resource Center for Philippine Concerns (RCPC) 0507 Asia
Rights and Justice 0256 General
Runnymede Trust, The 1299 Europe
Saharan Peoples Support Committee (SPSC) 1220 Africa
Samizdat Bulletin, The 1238 Europe
Satyodaya Centre for Social Research and Encounter 1272 Asia
Search for Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel 1235 Middle East
Secretariado Latinoamericano de Pax Romana, Movimiento Internacional de Estudiantes Catolicos y la Juventad Estudiantil Catolica International (MIEC-JECI) / Latin American Secretariat of Pax Romana, International Movement of Catholic Students and International Catholic Student Youth 1015 Latin America
Secretariat International des Juristes pour l'Amnistie en Uruguay (SIJAU) / International Secretariat of Jurists for Amnesty in Uruguay 0580 Latin America
Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ-Uruguay) / Peace and Justice Service-Uruguay 2576 Latin America
Servicio Paz y Justicia in America Latina / Service for Peace and Justice Service in Latin America 0549 Latin America
Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ-Chile) / Peace and Justice Service-Chile 0973 Latin America
Smoloskyp Organization for the Defense of Human Rights in the Ukraine 1249 Europe
Social Impact Foundation (IMPACT) 0526 Asia
Society for the Protection of East Asians' Human Rights (SPEAHR) 1251 Asia
Society for Community Organization (SOCO) 1020 Asia
Socorro Juridico Cristiano AArzobispo Oscar Romero@ de El Salvador (SJC) / Christian Legal Aid AArchbishop Oscar Romero@ of El Salvador 0821 Latin America
South African Institute of Race Relations 0852 Africa
South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) 0701 Africa
South African Outlook 1281 Africa
South African Labour Bulletin (SALB) 1304 Africa
South African Council of Churches (SACC) 0854 Africa
Southeast Asia Resource Center 1296 Asia
Southern African Research Service (SARS) 1267 Africa
Southern Africa 1312 Africa
Statewatch 4679 Europe
Studie- en Informatiecentrum Mensenrechten (SIM) / Netherlands Institute of Human Rights 2455 General
Sudan Human Rights Organization 2485 Africa
Sudan Democratic Gazette 1426 Africa
Sudan Monitor 4236 Africa
Survival International (SI) 1032 General
Tamil Information Centre (TIC) 4967 Asia
Tanzania Media Women's Association 4443 Africa
TAPOL, The Indonesian Human Rights Campaign 0180 Asia
Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) 0858 Asia
Thai Information Center (TIC) 1282 Asia
Third World Movement Against the Exploitation of Women (TW-MAE-W) 2531 Asia
TransAfrica Forum 1240 General
Transvaal Rural Action Committee (TRAC) 2892 Africa
Uganda Human Rights Activists (UHRA) 2739 Africa
Union InterAfricaine des droits de l'homme / InterAfrican Union for Human Rights 5177 Africa
Union for Civil Liberty (UCL) 0538 Asia
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) 1295 General
US Helsinki Watch Committee 1245 General
Vicaria de la Solidaridad del arzobispado de Santiago / Vicariate of Solidarity of the Archbishop of Santiago 0286 Latin America
Washington Office on Africa (WOA) 1225 Africa
Washington Office on Haiti (WOH) 2714 Latin America
Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) 1226 Latin America
Women Living under Muslim Laws: International Solidarity Network (WLUML) / Femmes sous Lois Musulmanes: Reseau Internationale de Solidarite 3167 Middle East
Women=s International Network (WIN) 1283 General
World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) 0909 Asia
World Congress of Free Ukrainians 1294 Europe
World Council of Churches (WCC), Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (CCIA) 0084 General
World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP 1265 General
Yavi 1284 Latin America
Yayasan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Indonesia (YLBHI) / Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation 0514 Asia