Conduct Policy

The Research Center supports the College of the Law by serving as a research partner with the faculty and students, by maintaining collections which support the faculty and the current curriculum, and by offering an in-depth instructional program in research for students. The Research Center also serves, with some restrictions, as a resource for public use. In order to achieve these goals, the Research Center has established the following Conduct Policy for all library patrons. The Conduct Policy incorporates by reference, for all patrons, Sections 16.1.3 through 16.1.6 of the Conduct Code found at

The following behaviors are in conflict with the mission of The Florida State University College of Law Research Center:

  1. Misusing Research Center computers, data or network infrastructure, including the installation or attempted installation of software, the alteration or damage of any Research Center computer system, network, program or data, and the access or attempted access of any secured server or other secured network resource.

  2. Removing or attempting to remove Research Center materials, equipment or property without checkout or Research Center authorization.

  3. Damaging or misusing Research Center materials, furniture, equipment or the Research Center building.

  4. Failing to renew or return Research Center materials and interlibrary loan materials when due.

  5. Failing to sign in or to present proper identification upon demand by any college official.

  6. Failing to follow posted College or Research Center rules, including those restricting the use of cell phones and prohibiting tobacco use in the Research Center.
Any patron who violates this policy may be subject to sanctions, including:
  • being asked to leave Research Center premises;
    • being reported to the campus and/or local police;
    • legal prosecution.
Offenders are subject to loss of Research Center privileges and may be criminally prosecuted. FSU students may also be subject to penalties that may be imposed under the Student Conduct Code.

Other Policies: