General Printing/Photocopying

Photocopiers and printers are located in Room L206, the Micromaterials Room. Law students can send print jobs from their laptops and Research Center computers to these printers.

FSU students, faculty, and staff can operate the copiers and printers with their FSU Cards. The Research Center now has a PHIL Station located in the Micromaterials Room. Use the station to add money to your FSUCard or purchase a "guest card". The guest card can be used to operate the copiers and is available to all Research Center patrons.

To set up your laptop to print wirelessly, go to for instructions.

Printing from Lexis

FSU law students and faculty have access to free printing from their LexisNexis accounts. The LexisNexis printer is located in Research Center room L206 (the micromaterials room). No set up is required. Please note, law students transfering to FSU must obtain a new password for Lexis in order to print to FSU's free LexisNexis printer.