State Attorney

One of the best ways to gain trial experience quickly is to work at a state attorney's office. Assistant State Attorneys (also called district attorneys in some states) are primarily responsible for criminal matters and prosecution. If you are interested in a position as an assistant state attorney, participation in a criminal clinical internship at Florida State Law is highly recommended. Not only will your participation serve as proof of your interest in this area, but you will also gain valuable experience that will improve your chances for a permanent position later. Furthermore, a clinical externship will allow you to practice law, with supervision, following graduation from law school and prior to obtaining your bar results. It is difficult to obtain a job at a state attorney's office without bar membership or certification.

Because of budgetary restrictions only some state attorney's offices recruit on campus. Visit the Florida Prosecuting Attorney's Association Web page for a list of state attorneys and contact information for those offices in Florida. Vacancies occur throughout the year, and you should contact each office in which you are interested.